DR HELEWA / Expertise


Sales & Marketing

Creation of business and profitable turnover in France and worldwide.
Strong foothold in USA (drugstores, pharmacies and retail: Walgreen’s, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, amazon, etc.) and Japan (mass retail, medical stores etc.)
Creation of white labels in USA, Canada, Japan, etc.
Creation and development of international subsidiaries.
In-depth knowledge of commercial channels in France (hospitals and clinics, medical distributors, pharmacies, etc.)

Management & Finance

Several successful fundraisers.
Creation of international subsidiaries (USA, Canada, Japan, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, etc.) and local offices (Brazil, Argentina, etc.)
Making businesses profitable.
Analysis of value and increased gross margin.
Sale and integration of a simplified joint stock company into a group.
Creation of a joint venture.


Resolution of complex issues.
Registration and defence of intellectual property (international patents, trademarks) in many countries.
Creation of many legal structures in France and abroad.


Ability to devise a pertinent marketing strategy for building, consolidating or developing market share.


Creation of a number of production units in France and abroad.
Creation of sub-contracting networks in France, Tunisia, Turkey, among others.